All of our products are supplied in accordance with our Quality Management System which has been devised to provide the best possible support and due diligence for our entire supply chain covering;

  • Legal compliance
  • Product Quality
  • Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Traceability
  • Knowledge and awareness
  • Product Specifications

We are also able to provide support for people who wish to develop systems to private certification standards such as;

On top of these certifications, we also develop systems for the following standards;

  • ISO9001 and 14000
  • Sedex etc
  • All accreditations on the right:

We are committed to developing a sustainable sourcing strategy and work with everyone in our supply chain from the grower to the customer to ensure that our combined activities are causing as little environmental damage as possible.

In supporting our supply base to reduce the impact of their activities through a program of sustainable and achievable development we believe that we will leave behind a slightly better world for our children.

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